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Nick Damptz
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Let me start by saying that I am at no means an easy customer. I know exactly what I want, but sometimes I have a hard time explaining it to someone else. Working with Nick was a wonderful experience. He is very patient and understanding, I think I tested the extent of his patience but he always came back with a smile. He knew exactly what I was looking for an what I needed.

I have been looking for an apartment for the longest time, and it feels like it has been forever. After explaining to him what I was looking for he quickly showed me apartments in my budget that were amazing. I signed an apartment with him within weeks after been searching for months with other realtors.

Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

5 user4987920

awesome agent, bought my house at Des Plaines and got all the info from Nick. Nick Damptz help me and my friends to find their dream homes.

5 user3230513

Nick went out of his way to get us the info. We called him on a Sunday night and he got right back to us. 😉 He was great, never to busy to answer our questions and very informative. He was very considerate of our busy schedule and made times that were best for us even on weekends. I had been shown properties before by other agents, but they didn’t seem to care about us. We truly lucked out finding Nick at an open house. He’s the full package. Friendly, understanding, and informative. Thanks a lot Nick! We love our home!

5 user6167895

i rent a warehouse withh Nick last month, 100K SQFT in des plaines. very professional service and was there for me and my team. we looked for over 20 places togther and Nick was vary patient. he also checked with the village if my place has all the certificates from occupancy permit to Fire alarm…

5 user34738172

Nick is exactly what you want in a realtor. Highly knowledgeable, who knows the ins and outs of the entire process to include negotiation, mortgage and closing. What most stood out to me was Nicks’s availability and how quickly he returneds calls, texts, or emails. He is always there for you . I will use Nick again not only to buy but also to sell any real estate. He has my highest possible recommendation. Do yourself a favor and call Nick Damptz.

5 user10707996

I am looking for a house in the Chicago area and I am not from this area at all and he made me feel so comfortable and he never made me feel pressured about anything. He really knows what he is doing , I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends or family.

5 user3378915

Nick is a honest and wonderful guy who really was looking out for my best interest. He never pressured me to buy and always very responsive. I am from NY and I travel alot to Chicago on business so I was looking for a great bachlor pad which Nick did a great job in finding. He really knows what he is doing and I highly recommended him to all my family and friends.

5 user2921077

Nick is an exceptional real estate agent. He was very proactive and knowledgable about the real estate market. He has helped me both personally by helping me sell and purchase homes and professionally by relocating my business. He made the entire transition easy. I could not recommend a better individual that is helpful, cheery and insightful to take care of such a personal situation. When situations are not so clear, Nick explains to the T. When things get tough, Nick makes the situation tolerable and always has a back-up plan. Thanks Nick! GREAT JOB!!!!!

5 user14217306

I looked to buy a house in skokie and edgewater area, Nick show us over 20 properties, very knowledge about the market and quality of the house. We are still looking fire a place for me.

5 rafi nmr

Nick is very helpful agent, gave us details about the area and schools around the area we want to buy our house. took us around Des Plaines and show me few houses. we will wait few months to buy our house (no many houses avaliable now). thanks Nick

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